Pivotel Wholesale Solutions

Connect your M2M customers - wherever they are.


As a licensed Australian mobile carrier specialising in remote communications, Pivotel provides an extensive range of wholesale satellite and cellular carriage services.

It's your data, so connect the way you want. Pivotel enables Application Service Providers (ASPs) to deliver effective and differentiated services to the metro and remote communications marketplace.

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    Highly Flexible – Fixed Private or Public IP

    You want the flexibility to connect to your application over the internet with standard firewall security.

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    Flexible & Secure – VPN Tunnel Over the Internet

    You want to extend your private network connectivity to the remote site via a secure VPN so you can control your own network rules.

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    Highly Secure – Direct Private Interconnect

    When security is paramount you can connect directly to our network points in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth to avoid the internet altogether.


The Pivotel Advantage - Benefits you won’t find anywhere else.


Manage your satellite data and control your costs with Pulsar®


Free email and satellite SMS progressive usage alerts


Reliable and secure Australian IP network


Australian Customer Care team here to assist you

Pivotel has a range of satellite data solutions:

globalstar data

Wherever your valuable resources are deployed – Pivotel has the right connectivity option for your assets telemetry and SCADA connectivity requirements.

iridium wholesale

Add an external antenna so you can use your portable satellite broadband terminal inside your project site office and still easily remove it for when you head away.

vsat data

Dedicated one to one contention radio channels ideal for large file transfers, vehicle transmissions, emergency backup communications and remote internet connectivity.

inmarsat data industry

Know where your valuable assets are and transmit critical data, no matter where your remote operations take you.