Tracertrak® keeps your remote workers safe and your assets on task!

Tracertrak® is an online management portal for personnel and asset monitoring that provides productivity improvements, efficiencies and peace of mind, wherever your resources are deployed. With Tracertrak®, connectivity, monitoring and communication solutions that were once only available in the city are now available virtually everywhere.

Address your duty of care requirements with cost-effective handheld satellite devices for your remote workers wherever their job takes them, or know the status and location of your assets with cost effective and low maintenance satellite terminals, no matter where your remote operations are.

Whether you operate in government, utilites, oil and gas, mining, remote construction or another industry, Tracertrak® keeps your remote workers safe and your assets on-task delivering 99.99% system availability.

Why Tracertrak®?

The Tracertrak® solution is used extensively by government and enterprise organisations across Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia to track and monitor assets and personnel moving across vast areas of the planet.

Tracertrak® ensures you always have the information you need to maximise operational efficiency through asset monitoring and maintain high levels of OH&S compliance through worker safety monitoring and SOS. Improve your efficiency and let Tracertrak® do the tracking and monitoring for you. Tracertrak® is a powerful exception management system providing global resource tracking and monitoring, designed by Pivotel from the ground up and built on a high availability, redundant server architecture.

Tracertrak® was designed to deliver cost effective solutions over satellite ensuring you receive the critical data you need with the least data payload.

Pivotel offers specialised industry pricing for anti-theft tracking solutions using Tracertrak®.

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Tracertrak® helps keep your workers safe and your assets on task!

Tracertrak® for Remote Workers

Address your duty of care for lone workers when they are outside of radio and mobile range.

Tracertrak for Asset Tracking®

Maintain visibility of your remote assets whatever they are.