Globalstar Simplex Solutions

Globalstar Simplex Data is a one-way store and forward data service with very low power requirements and low cost hardware. Globalstar Simplex is ideal for long term tracking and event monitoring of unpowered assets anywhere.

Modules are available for hardware developers and market ready “place and forget” tracking devices are available with multiple years’ of service from a single set of batteries – just fit and forget with no technical installation required. Low cost, market ready worker safety solutions are available too!

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    Multiple years of operation from a single set of batteries.

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    Simple ‘place and forget’ installation.

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    Low power consumption to suit solar/battery powered installations.

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    Online service management

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    Near global coverage

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    Suits mobile applications

Globalstar Simplex - Battery Powered Tracking Solutions

How it works:


Globalstar Simplex - Coverage

Globalstar simplex provides coverage across most of the earth’s land masses and coastal zones to enable tracking and monitoring of high value unpowered assets almost everywhere.