Solarbox 121 Portable Charging Station

The ultimate portable power source to keep your satphone batteries fully charged no matter the situation. All you need is some sun and you will always have a way to charge. Includes Pelican 1400 case, SolarFlex 12, Battery backup with up to 85 W storage capacity and SatStation Single Bay Charger.

Handset not included


SolarBox 121 Portable Charging Station Features

  •   Works with Iridium Extreme, Iridium 9555 and Iridium 9505a

  •   Packed in a rugged Pelican case for protection in harsh

   What's in the box?
  •   Pelican case
  •   SatStation Single Bay charger for Iridium Phones
  •   SatStation 12 watt solar panel
  •   SatStation 12vDC Power Packs
  •   Interconnect cables

Solarbox 121

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