Solarboost 3 Satellite Phone Charger

The SolarBoost 3 Solar Panel for Satellite Phones is the perfect option for any satellite phone user. Take this on your trip fully charged and you can charge your satellite phone up to three times before needing to open the solar panels. Once the built in battery runs low, set it out in the sunlight for a few hours and you are back up and running. Not only can it charge your satellite phone, but a laptop, cell phone and many other portable devices


SolarBoost 3 Satellite Phone Charger Features

  •   Works with Iridium Extreme, Iridium 9555 and Iridium 9505a
  •   Female car charger connector to charge various devices
       (device being charged requires car charger).
  •   Also suitable for laptops, Cell Phones, Digital Cameras,
       MP3/MP4 Player and other similar products.
  •   Compact, light-weight and foldable solar charger with lithium
       polymer built-in battery as backup.
  •   Smart protection chip: over-charging, over-discharge,
       overload, short-circuit and capacity indication.
  •   This product has 5 output ports: 4 DC ports, 1 USB ports
  •   Built-in battery capacity: 12000mAh/ 3.7V (Li-Pol batteries)
  •   Solar panel: 16V /2.5W
  •   Input current: 800mA
  •   Input voltage: 12.6V DC
  •   Output voltage: USB 5.5V, DC 11.1V (Blue), DC 16V (Green),
       DC 19V (Yellow), DC 24V (Red).
  •   Output current: 500~4000mA
  •   Weight: 815 g
   Operation steps
   SolarBoost 3 has a built-in battery. You can charge the built-in
   battery via:

      •   240VAC source using AC/DC power adaptor.
      •   Sunlights by opening the solar panels. The SOLAR
           INDICATOR LED red light will be on to indicate that it is

   Note: A fully charged solar panel can charge your satellite phone
   up to three times.
   To charge Iridium 9555/Extreme 9575/9505a using SolarBoost 3:

      •   Connect female DC power plug connector into any of the
           DC ports on the solar panel, eg DC 11.1V blue port.
      •   Connect female car charger adaptor to Iridium car charger*.
      •   Connect Iridium car charger* to DC input of Iridium
           9555/Extreme 9575/9505a.

   Note: *Iridium car charger does not come with the solar panel.
   It comes as part of the Iridium satellite phone kit, or can be
   purchased separately using Pivotel product code IR-AURO701.
   What's in the box
  •   Foldable solar charger
  •   Female DC Power Plug to Female Car Charger Adaptor
  •   AC/DC power adaptor
  •   User Guide

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