ASPs - Connect your M2M Customers wherever they are. As a licensed carrier specialising in remote mobile communications, Pivotel is uniquely placed to provide an extensive range of wholesale satellite and cellular carriage services, which enables Application Service Providers to deliver effective and differentiated solutions to the remote area marketplace.
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Pivotel makes it easier with the Pivotel Services Gateway (PSG) - a single gateway for all Pivotel message based data services. With a unified message messaging protocol across all Pivotel device types the PSG makes it simple for VARs and ASPs to integrate multiple technologies with a single point of integration.

Pivotel has a dedicated wholesale team focussed on meeting the connectivity requirements of Application Service providers across New Zealand, Australia and the world. We have knowledgeable staff that will help you find the right communications solution for your customer’s needs.

Globalstar Simplex Tracker
Iridium SBD
Globalstar Packet Data
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