Mobile Solutions for wherever you are. Thats mobile everywhere. Always be in contact no matter your location with your choice of the Iridium, Inmarsat or Globalstar networks and a convenient Australian Standard Mobile Number that's up to 10x cheaper to call from new Zealand than a Standard Satellite Number.
Iridium Satellite Solutions. Truly Global Coverage. Inmarsat Satellite Solutions. Excellent Quality Network. Globalstar. Crystal Clear Voice. Pivotel Advantage. Standard Australian Mobile Numbers: Cost 10% less than standard satellite phone numbers. Australian Support Centre. Nationwide Dealer Network.

•   Truly global network

•   Pole to pole coverage

•   Market leading reliability

Iridium Network and Coverage
Iridium Satellite Phones
Pivotel Iridium Plans

•  Reliable, high quality network

•  Near-global coverage

•  Hardware engineered for
    for extreme conditions

Inmarsat Network and Coverage
Inmarsat Satellite Phones
Pivotel Inmarsat Plans

•  Low cost Satellite with
    minimum voice delays.

•  Plans from only $25 a month.

•  Improving network

Globalstar Network and Coverage
Pivotel Globalstar Plans

Please note: use of Satellite Telecommunications services and devices may be prohibited or restricted in some countries.

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