Pivotel Satellite offers a Simplex satellite data service providing extensive data coverage right throughout New Zealand, Australia and its territorial waters1.  Please refer to TracerTrak for one of the products that use this network service.

The Simplex data service is a low cost, one way satellite data delivery solution. It is ideal for tracking the location of mobile assets such as shipping containers, land transport vehicles including road and rail, heavy industrial equipment and any other high value assets that operate in regional and rural areas around New Zealand and Australia.

Data sent from a Simplex device, is captured by the Globalstar satellite network and delivered through the Internet direct to the application service providers web server. The data is then decoded for use in the end user application.

*Completion rates based on Remote Telemetry Units (RTU) that are set to transmit a single packet message 3-times (the original transmission plus 2-repeats) in the frequency appropriate for the given regions. This is an estimate of coverage only. Actual Remote Telemetry coverage may vary based on terminal location, terrain features, signal strength, and other factors affecting satellite communications. Coverage may vary. Specifications subject to change without notice.

*Reception limitations and some exclusion zones apply.


Australia / NZ / South East Asia Simplex Coverage Area

Globalstar Simplex Australasia Coverage Map

Global Simplex Coverage Area

Globalstar Simplex World Coverage Map

Simplex Coverage Map Key

Globalstar Simplex World Coverage Key

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