Globalstar Packet Data using the GSP1620 Modem. real time duplex IP data services that support packet data across the internet or private networks.

Ideal for data logging and environmental monitoring where moderate amounts of data need to be sent, Globalstar Packet Data Services are real time duplex IP data services that support Packet Data across the Internet or private networks at 9600bps.

Using OEM serial data modems that are embedded into third party devices, Packet Data Services use the Globalstar satellite constellation and offer a packet data solution for SCADA and telemetry devices without the coverage constraints of terrestrial mobile networks. Pivotel can support both public and private
fixed IP addresses depending on the solution requirements.

Temporary Limitations - Two-way voice and duplex data services.>>


Globalstar GSP1620 Packet Data Modem Features

  •   IP Packet Data over PPP

  •   9.6kbps full duplex service rate
  •   Utilises standard “Hayes Modem” AT command set
  •   RS232 interface


  •   Modem SIze: 190 x 75 x 17 mm

  •   Antenna SIze: 103 (d) x 63 mm (h)

  •   Modem Weight: < 180 grams

  •   Antenna Weight: < 250 grams

Other Specifications

  •   Frequency: Transmit 1610-1625 MHz, Receive 2484-2499 MHz
  •   Maximum Transmit Power: +26dBm EIRP (0.4W)
  •   Standby: 2.4 mW/Units (average)
  •   Receive: 0.5 W/Units (average)
  •   Input voltage: +5.6V + 16V DC
  •   Operating temperature: -30 ºC to +50 ºC
  •   Protocol: RS232

Globalstar GSP 1620 Packet Data Modem

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Globalstar Duplex Packet Data Coverage

Globalstar Data Rates

two-way voice and duplex data services temporary limitations
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