Offering service in over 120 countries, remote communication across the globe is a reality with the Globalstar Network. As service expansion continues the coverage map will be updated.

Australian provisioned Qualcomm handsets work directly off the Australian satellite gateways in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and New Caledonia.

Australian provisioned Qualcomm handsets will have satellite roaming for outgoing calls only in USA, Canada, Russia, Venezuela, and Western & Central Europe.


globalstar international coverage

globalstar international coverage key

Note: This map illustrates current service coverage available to Globalstar customers. Actual service availability may differ due to changes in gateway configuration, licensing and other factors. The areas covered by Globalstars service do not necessarily represent service availability for all Globalstar customers, as roaming capability at certain gateway areas may not be offered tocustomers from all other locations. Check with your local Globalstar service provider for current roaming availability. Globalstar service is designed to be extremely reliable, and this map illustrates expected Globalstar coverage under normal conditions. However, Globalstar service is a satellite radio technology subject to transmission limitations and signal obstruction caused by customer equipment use as well as topographic and other variable conditions. These maps are not drawn to scale.

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