IMPORTANT INFORMATION Concerning the Globalstar Satellite Constellation
Globalstar Constellation Update Simplex Data and Asset Tracking Services - Fully Operational
On February 6th, 2013, Globalstar successfully completed launching its constellation of second generation satellites and these satellites are now in service. These new satellites are designed to last for 15 years, twice the lifespan of Globalstar's first-generation satellites. The Globalstar second-generation satellite constellation will support the Company's current line-up of voice, duplex and simplex data products and services, including its SPOT-branded consumer products which have initiated over 2,200 rescues in over 70 countries and at sea since the initial introduction in 2007. With the addition of these second generation satellites Globalstar service is generally available in New Zealand between 80% and 86% of the time provide you have clear line of sight to the sky. Network availability is generally better the further south you are in New Zealand. Globalstar has always been known for its crystal clear, "land-line quality" voice service, ease of use and customer value, and Globalstar will continue to provide these end-user benefits. The Globalstar constellation is completely stable and fully operational in supporting Globalstar Simplex data satellite products and asset tracking services. Recent monitoring tests indicate that the Simplex data network is currently operating at a successful transmission rate of greater than 99 percent. And because Globalstar's Simplex data products are also designed to work with the second-generation satellite constellation, they are expected to provide customers with years of high quality reliable service well into the next decade and beyond. Globalstar
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