The region’s most connected mobile satellite network.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, stay connected with New Zealand’s leading mobile satellite solutions provider.




Connected everywhere you go.

To provide users with high quality and reliable mobile satellite services, Pivotel has invested in protected direct interconnection with all of the major mobile satellite networks, creating consistent mobile satellite services with lower latency, higher voice quality and flexible data connectivity options.

Trust it will work when you need it.

Pivotel is a registered mobile satellite service provider in New Zealand and is fully compliant with all regulatory obligations. Pivotel is solely focused on mobile satellite solutions and our carrier grade telecommunications network ensures that all of your satellite services are reliable and secure.

What sets the Pivotel network apart from other network providers.


Tier 1 carrier-grade, fully redundant switching and transmission infrastructure directly interconnected with the satellite operators ensuring high levels of network availability and enabling Pivotel to innovate in the delivery of enhanced customer services.

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A modern fully IP-based network able to support satellite and terrestrial (4G) voice and high-speed data services and a broad range of value-added services to provide improved call management, messaging and alerting.


More places for customers to connect to the Pivotel network and secure the end-to-end transmission of their critical data. Points of interconnect in Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Los Angeles and New York.

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Fully compliant with the New Zealand and Australian Telecommunications Acts, Telecommunications Interception Acts, Industry Codes and regulations so you can trust Pivotel to put our customers and community responsibilities first.

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When you connect with Pivotel you know you're connected everywhere™.

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