The ‘Advantage’ of connecting with Pivotel.

At Pivotel, we think mobile satellite services should be cost effective and easy to use, so our team works hard to deliver the Pivotel Advantage.



Unique and cost effective

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Standard Australian ‘+61’ numbers
Calling a Pivotel satellite phone number from New Zealand costs up to 10x less than calling a standard mobile satellite phone number. That’s because Pivotel satellite phones use Australian ‘+61’ numbers.*

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Flexible service plan options with low satellite call rates
Pivotel provides a wide range of service plans that all include great value and low call rates. Choose between month-to-month or fixed term contracts.

Trust it will work when and where you need it


One network - choice of multiple satellite technologies
Pivotel gives you one network but multiple satellite technology options to choose from, providing more options for a satellite solution that meets your needs.


Free calls to Pivotel Customer Care and the satellite test call service ‘+61 406 32 TEST’
Call the experts at Pivotel’s Customer Care team for one-call customer service across all Pivotel solutions. For peace of mind call our test call service to ensure your satellite equipment is operating correctly.

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More than 120,000 people currently rely on Pivotel
Pivotel provides an unmatched expertise in remote communications, supporting more than 120,000 users around the world who travel or operate outside of mobile coverage.

Control your service costs

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Callers to you pay standard call to Australian mobile rates
Calls to Pivotel satellite numbers are often FREE within New Zealand unlimited phone bundles. Calls to numbers provided by other mobile satellite companies can cost up to $12.97 per minute.*

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Progressive usage alerts
Control your costs with free email and satellite SMS alert notifications when you exceed usage thresholds based on your plan’s included value.

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Make calls within your fleet at standard rates
Calls on the Pivotel network between phones on different satellite technologies are always charged at call-to-mobile rates, giving you the freedom to build a fleet with mixed satellite technologies.

*Source: Cost to call Iridium, Thuraya and Globalstar is $7.64 per minute. Cost to call Inmarsat is up to $12.97 per minute. Cost to call Iridium, Thuraya and Globalstar is $7.64 per minute. Cost to call Inmarsat is up to $12.97 per minute.