Inmarsat iSavi-IsatHub

The iSavi-IsatHub terminal provides satellite broadband data, voice and SMS connectivity for your smart device, via Wi-Fi, for connectivity outside of terrestrial mobile coverage areas. The lightweight, portable terminal offers fast connectivity via satellite at speeds of up to 240/348kbps, plus a dedicated voice line and SMS capability. When connecting to the reliable Inmarsat with near-global coverage with Pivotel, the iSavi-IsatHub comes with a standard "04" Australian mobile number, which can be up to 10× cheaper* than calling a standard mobile satellite number in New Zealand.

*Source: at 25 January 2016. Cost to call Australian Mobile is 60c per minute. Cost to call Iridium, Globalstar, Thuraya is $7.64 per minute. Cost to call Inmarsat is up to $12.97 per minute.

Important for BYO a iSavi-IsatHub terminals: iSavi-IsatHub must have the Pivotel APN set up and the latest software installed to work with a Pivotel SIM card. For instructions on how to update your APN and your software, please see the Pivotel iSavi-IsatHub Setup Guide.

   iSavi-IsatHub Features

  •   Near-global coverage on the Inmarsat network keeps you
       connected worldwide, apart from the Poles.
  •   iSavi-IsatHub is lightweight, highly portable and allows you to
       establish a satellite connection on your smart device.
  •   Wi-Fi range of up to 30m and multiple devices can share the
       same iSavi-IsatHub connection.
  •   iSavi-IsatHub provides satellite broadband data at up to
       240/384kbps Tx/Rx, plus a dedicated voice line and SMS
  •   Access iSavi-IsatHub connectivity via the Control App and the
       Voice App, available on iOS and Android devices.
  •   Full set up assistance through the Control App which also
       gives control over access via the iSavi-IsatHub and visibility of
       data usage by each device sharing the iSavi-IsatHub
  •   The iSavi-IsatHub Voice App enables the smart device to send
       and receive voice calls via the dedicated high-quality voice line,
       as well as send and receive text messages.
   iSavi-IsatHub Specifications
  •   Dimensions: Length: 179mm, Width: 170mm, Depth: 30mm
  •   Weight: 850 grams including battery
  •   Services Supported: Standard IP (up to 240/384kbs), circuit
       switched voice, SMS
  •   Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion with up to 2.5hrs operating time
  •   Operating Time: Up to 2.5hrs
  •   Wi-Fi Range: Up to 30 metres
  •   Interfaces: Mains charger & USB port for firmware updates
  •   Built in SIP server
    What's in the box?
  •   iSavi-IsatHub device (contains battery)
  •   Charger and adaptors
  •   Micro USB cable
  •   USB drive with User Guide
  •   Quick Start Guide
  •   Carry case

Useful Tips For Using iSavi-IsatHub Data

   •   iSavi-IsatHub must be setup with Pivotel APN before using data. Refer
        to Pivotel Setup Guide to setup the APN.

   •   It is recommend that you turn off automatic updates on your
        smart devices before using iSavi-IsatHub data. By switching this off,
        App updates will no longer download and install automatically as
        your device will recognise the iSavi-IsatHub as a Wi-Fi connection.

        –  For Android, go to Google Play on your smart device >
            Settings > Auto-update apps > ‘Do Not auto-update apps’.

        –  For iOS, go to Settings on your smart device > iTunes & App
            Store > Updates > Slide the toggle left to turn off.

   •   Use the Pivotel PULSAR™ platform to monitor and control your
        data usage. Set data limits and set SMS* and/or email alerts to
        notify you if the data usage has reached the limits.
        *SMS charges apply as per your satellite rate plan.

IsatHub. RRP $2645 inc. GST. $2300.00 ex. GST. Subscription required.

Pivotel Advantage. Australian Mobile Numbers.

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