Quake Q-Puck

The Quake Global Q-PUCK is an efficient, plug-and-play transceiver, which allows users to effortlessly enable 2 way M2M communications over the IridiumĀ® satellite network. The Q-Puck is fully Iridium qualified and designed to support a variety of applications including remote asset tracking and monitoring solutions.


  Quake Q-Puck Features

  •   Rugged, plug-and-play module
  •   Fully Iridium qualified and certified for harsh environment
  •   With its integrated power system, connection cable and
       RS-232 serial port interface, the QPuck can be installed
       directly onto a vehicle, mobile or remote asset
  Technical Specifications
  •   Dimension: 124.3 x 80.3 x 31mm
  •   Weight: 580 g (with 5.33m cable)
  •   Data Interface: 1x Serial RS232C
  Power Consumption
  •   5 VDC regulated (4-36 VDC for production parts) Max 1A
       during transmit.

Quake Q-Puck

Iridium Short Burst Data Services

Iridium SBD Coverage

Quake Q-Puck Brochure

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