Iridium 9555 Vehicle Kit. Stay in touch while in your car, at sea or in the air.

The Pivotel IR-HF-9555 Hands Free Car Kit provides hands-free communication for your Iridium 9555 handset. Equipped with an automatic stereo muting feature and car ignition connection, this is a ready-to-go in vehicle solution. With its cutting edge background noise filter and echo cancelling technology, the IR-HF-9555 Hands Free Car Kit offers unmatched quality in satellite communication!

Handset not included

   Iridium 9555 Vehicle Kit Features
  •   Full duplex hands free operation
  •   Two mode operation: loudspeaker or private
       (via optional privacy handset)
  •   Hands free operation is muted when optional privacy
       handset is activated
  •   Mutes car stereo during calls
  •   Echo cancellation and background noise filtering
  •   Enhanced voice reproduction
  •   All audio output and charging through 9555 base connector
  •   Loud external speaker
  •   Charges phone battery
  •   External microphone, for extremely noisy conditions, mounted
       with sun visor clip
  •   Data transfer via USB
  •   Included Iridium Patch Antenna and Cable
       (other antenna options available)
  •   Input voltage range: 11V DC to 32V DC
  •   Operating temp: -30c to +60c
  •   Operates with Iridium 9555 handset with Firmware
       Version HT09014 or later.
  •   Upgrade required for handsets with older Firmware Versions.

Iridium 9555 Vehicle Kit

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