Iridium 9505a StarPak

This water and dust proof rugged portable vehicle kit allows you to move your Iridium 9505a handset from vehicle to vehicle, or location to location, with all the benefits of a handsfree docking kit and privacy handset. The portable kit is in a Pelican hard case with carry handle that contains all the equipment and can also act as storage for your handset. It is simply connected via a DC charger socket and external attachment of the supplied magnetic antenna.

Handset not included

   Iridium 9505a Starpak Features
  •   Full duplex hands free operation

  •   Two mode operation: loudspeaker or private mode using
       the privacy handset

  •   Handsfree operation is muted when privacy handset is
  •   Echo cancellation and background noise filtering
  •   Enhanced voice reproduction
  •   Loud external speaker
  •   Charges phone battery
  •   External microphone for extremely noisy conditions, mounted
       with sun visor clip
  •   Included Iridium Patch Antenna and Cable (other options
  •   Input voltage range: 11V DC to 32V DC
  •   Operating temp: -30c to +60c

Iridium 9555 Starpak

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