Globalstar GSP1600 Softpak

The Softpak 1410 is a convenient, ready-to-go accessory for the GSP1600 dual mode CDMA/ Satellite handheld phone1. The Softpak is a lightweight, rugged yet compact carrying case and provides users with the benefits of a standard handsfree carkit without the permanence of a full installation. The durable case comes with protective padding for frequent handling and velcro straps for securing the unit to the central console of your car. It is ideal for professionals who require the convenience of a handsfree car kit, but who regularly move from vehicle to vehicle or who use hire vehicles. With the Softpak, the GSP1600 handset maintains its dual mode capability2, and can also be removed to operate in hand held mode if required.

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   Globalstar GSP1600 Softpak Features
  •   The lightweight carry case can be easily transported between
       vehicles and job sites.
  •   Externally mounted antenna for line of sight connectivity to
       Globalstar satellites.
  •   Installed speaker and microphone to provide
       handsfree communication.
  •   Elevated and angled positioning of the handset provides a
       clear view of the handset screen, displaying battery level,
       voicemail status, short messages received and satellite
       signal quality.
  •   Size: L = 33cm, H = 20cm, W = 14cm.
    What's in the box
  •   Personal Privacy Handset
  •   Globalstar magnetic mounted active satellite antenna
  •   Globalstar Electronic Module
  •   Cradle for the GSP1600 handheld phone
  •   Handsfree microphone and speaker
  •   Data Ready / Active RS232 cable
  •   CDMA Antenna
  •   12 volt DC standard lighter charger

GSP1600 softpak

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