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Renowned for crystal clear calls, Globalstar provides our lowest cost satellite phone solutions, ideal for use in Southern Australia.

New Zealand Network Availibility
Network availability shown is an estimate of the amount of time that Globalstar network service will be available as long as the handset is used with the antenna extended in clear view of the sky. The time the network is not available is experienced by the user as short gaps in service availability. During these service gaps an active call will drop and you will be unable to make or receive a call.These gaps are generally a few minutes in length. Average Availability in New Zealand is above 80% overall. Availability may be improved with the installation of a Globalstar car kit. There is no flag fall / call connection fee on Pivotel Globalstar call plans so if you lose the call due to a gap in signal you can simply redial again when you have signal.
globalstar new zealand network coverage map
International Coverage
Simplex Coverage