Current Outages

Title: CCTV migration in Dubbo
Service Outage Reference: PSOUT00582
Nature: Unplanned
Description: Initial: 10:11 22-Jul-2022 AEST (GMT +10)
Dear Customer,

Pivotel IT Team would be migrating the CCTV server to new storage infrastructure in Dubbo.
Due to this upgrade, the CCTV cameras including the recording would not be available for 3 hours.
Outage duration: 1st August 9 AM AEST to 12 PM AEST (31st July 23:00 GMT to 1st Aug 02:00 GMT)

Please reply to should you need more information about this maintenance.
Satellite Services:
Outage Start Time: 01/08/2022 09:00 AEST
Estimated Outage Restoration Time: 01/08/2022 12:00 AEST
Title: NBN BSS Bourke Maintenance
Service Outage Reference: PSOUT00585
Nature: Planned
Description: Initial: 13:33 10-Aug-2022 AEST (GMT +10)
NBN-BSS has planned Production NMS upgrade change on 12-Aug from 00:00H to 06:00H AEST.

Services from the following beams will be impacted for up to 60 mins during the change window.

Bourke GW:
1BB003C1 (03)
1BB014C1 (14)
1BB024C1 (24)
1BB052C1 (52)
1BB055C1 (55)
1BB060C1 (60)
1BB061C1 (61)
1BB071C1 (71)
Satellite Services: NBN Services
Outage Start Time: 12/08/2022 00:00 AEST
Estimated Outage Restoration Time: 12/08/2022 06:00 AEST