Staying connected during a record-breaking solo & unassisted mission across Antartica.

Geoff Wilson

Polar adventurer Geoff Wilson required a comprehensive, satellite communications system that could survive the
harshest conditions imaginable so he could remain connected with his support team and family, receive weather updates, and post blogs, photos and video during his 5,000 km, kite-powered, solo journey across Antarctica..........more

geoff wilson in action

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Staying connected and prepared for anything during regular forays into remote Australia.

Paul Pagano

Paul Pagano is a keen traveller, adventurer and recreational fisherman who regularly travels into remote regions of Australia without mobile phone coverage, and requires reliable communications in case of mishap or emergency..........more

fishing one of australias rural rivers

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Maintaining communications during disasters to coordinate emergency response in New Zealand’s South Island.

Civil Defense Emergency Management Canterbury

As Emergency Management Coordinator for the Canterbury Regional Emergency Management Office in Christchurch, New Zealand, Andrew Howe must plan and prepare for all manner of natural and man-made emergencies. One vital component to this is to ensure effective telecommunications are maintained at all times when infrastructure and regular communication channels may be severely compromised by earthquake or other disasters..........more

canterbury emergency services vehicle

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Monitoring and communicating with fixed and mobile assets in remote locations.

IOR Petroleum

IOR Petroleum (IOR) identified a need for implementing better monitoring and communications for their fixed and moveable assets in remote locations across Australia. This business objective was critical for IOR to operate its full-service fuel management system outside of cellular coverage and simultaneously ensure the safety of its workers..........more

ior petroleum vehicle being filled

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Transforming farming operations by enabling innovative digital observation, tracking and reporting technology.

Stirlings To Coast Farmers

69 percent of Australia’s land area has no access to mobile phone coverage, meaning thousands of farming families are left without reliable connectivity to conduct business. The Western Australian government recognised the impact this lack of connection was having in regional WA, preventing farming businesses from access to the latest innovations in agricultural technology and diminishing their ability to compete in international export markets..........more

pivotel innovative technology agriculture

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Providing communications for a vital infrastructure project in a remote location with extreme weather.

Main Roads

Main Roads WA was in the process of constructing a sealed road to link the inland town of Tom Price with the coastal hub of Karratha, eliminating the hazards of a long stretch of unsealed road. Providing a reliable internet service and communications system during construction in an extremely remote location and extreme weather conditions was essential to the safety and efficiency of the construction process..........more

main roads accessing rural landscape

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Offering FIFO workers at a remote WA mine site reliable internet access to communicate with family and pass time between shifts.

Adaman Resources

Adaman Resources operates a gold mine in central WA, about 350 km west of Geraldton, with a staff of 100 FIFO workers and no mobile phone coverage or terrestrial internet access. The provision of satellite internet with large data allowance at a reasonable cost was seen as essential for staff welfare..........more

adaman resources facility

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Maintaining comms via phone, email, text and internet while sailing solo.

Lisa Blair

To maintain communications with an onshore support team and have continuous access to phone, email, text and internet while sailing solo on a circumnavigation of Australia..........more

lisa blair on the water

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Rolling out vessel tracking for commercial fishers under the sustainable fisheries strategy 2017 to 2027.

Queensland Government Fisheries & Agriculture

Under the Queensland Sustainable Fisheries Strategy released in 2017 all commercial fishing boats will be required
to carry a satellite tracking device, so Fisheries Queensland officers can collect important data for fisheries management and ensure operators are complying with fishing regulations. This requires a simple, inexpensive, light-weight and portable device that meets specific criteria and is compatible with Fisheries Queensland’s existing systems..........more

queensland fisheries officer

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Remote Workforces & Heavy Machinery Require Fail-Safe Communications.


DDH1 Drilling provides drilling services to the resources sector and manages a large, remote workforce using heavy machinery throughout Australia in an environment where safety is paramount. Effective communication at all times is crucial to ensure safe operation of drilling rigs and welfare of personnel..........more

ddh1 rural site

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Monitoring a large workforce without tying up staff with manual monitoring.


HQPlantations wanted to monitor a large workforce across broad areas of forests throughout Queensland and meet OH&S obligations without tying up staff with manual monitoring..........more

hq plantations vehicles in action

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Improving the safety of field workers operating in remote & isolated locations.


With workers operating for extended periods of time in remote locations across the country, Komatsu required a solution that would enable contact between remote workers and local branches, providing them with the ability to reach out for support in the event of an

komatsu mining site vehicle

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The unique security and safety challengers of working in remote and isolated workplaces.

QLD Health

The issue of occupational violence in health environments is a serious issue with the potential for tragic outcomes; and one
which is impacting on health workers and paramedics nationally and internationally..........more

rural queensland health officer

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Providing effective communications for 200 staff working remotely in the field.

Conservation Department

A conservation department manages around 200 staff working remotely in the field, with rugged terrain and limited mobile phone coverage, effective communication and monitoring of all field staff is essential for occupational health and safety compliance..........more

conservation department rainforest

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Pivotel’s EXTend Service: Providing vital maintenance ensuring connectivity in the face of an emergency.

NSW Fire & Rescue

With more than 11,550 firefighters and volunteers operating across metropolitan, regional and rural areas, Fire and Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW) needed to ensure their fleet’s satellite communication devices were fully operational, with staff fully trained on how to correctly use the
technology during an emergency, telecommunication outage or while operating outside of cellular coverage..........more

firefighters in action

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Keeping St John ambulance personnel safe and visible at major public events.

St John

St John Ambulance service needs to keep track of large numbers of emergency personnel and assets at major public events, to deploy emergency services where and when they are most needed and ensure they are safe and accounted for at all times..........more

st john ambulance at work

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Enabling innovative agricultural practice with reliable satellite network coverage.


Farmbot recognised the need for a satellite communication partner to enable its innovative water monitoring technology for farmers in the most remote locations of Australia..........more

pivotel blog landmark agricultural partnership banner

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Portable and easy-to-use satellite solution for events in the most remote areas of the country and Pacific region.


As New Zealand’s national broadcaster, TVNZ needs the capacity to broadcast, forward and store news footage from the most remote areas of New Zealand and the Pacific region, where terrestrial mobile coverage is often lacking..........more

tvnz crew in action

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