Pivotel Case Studies


Geoff Wilson
Staying connected during a record-breaking solo & unassisted mission across Antartica.

pivotel case studies geoff wilson

Disaster & Event Response

Civil Defense Emergency Management Canterbury
Maintaining communications during disasters to coordinate emergency response in New Zealand’s South Island.

pivotel case studies civil defense emergency banner

Fixed Site

IOR Petroleum
Monitoring and communicating with fixed and mobile assets in remote locations.

pivotel case studies ior petroleum banner

Stirlings To Coast Farmers
Transforming farming operations by enabling innovative digital observation, tracking and reporting technology.

pivotel case studies stirlings farmers banner

Main Roads
Providing communications for a vital infrastructure project in a remote location with extreme weather.

pivotel case studies main roads

Adaman Resources
Offering FIFO workers at a remote WA mine site reliable internet access to communicate with family and pass time between shifts.

pivotel case studies adaman resources


Lisa Blair
Maintaining comms via phone, email, text and internet while sailing solo.

pivotel case studies lisa blair banner

Queensland Government Fisheries & Agriculture
Rolling out vessel tracking for commercial fishers under the sustainable fisheries strategy 2017 to 2027.

pivotel case studies queensland fisheries banner

Remote Worker

Remote Workforces & Heavy Machinery Require Fail-Safe Communications.

pivotel case studies ddh1 banner

Monitoring a large workforce without tying up staff with manual monitoring.

pivotel case studies hqplantations banner

Improving the safety of field workers operating in remote & isolated locations.

pivotel case studies komatsu banner

QLD Health
The unique security and safety challengers of working in remote and isolated workplaces.

pivotel case studies queensland health banner


Enabling innovative agricultural practice with reliable satellite network coverage.

pivotel case studies farmbot banner

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