Satellite Technology: A Vital Lifeline During Isolation on the Ice

by Geoff Wilson, May 21st 2020

I’ve always been fascinated by the extremes of human endurance, which is why I’ve spent so much of my life testing my personal limits through grand desert journeys, near death escapes and isolated polar expeditions...........more

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Satellite Technology: Rekindling Communications During Natural Disaster

by Pivotel, March 19th 2020

The recent bushfire crisis has taught us many things about the nation’s ability to respond when natural disasters strike. While fires have devastated homes and towns, in many cases they also blocked our access to information and disabled vital communication networks, exacerbating the challenges in which many Australians find themselves...........more

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Innovative Technology Is Transforming Modern Agricultural Practice In Australia

by Peter Bolger, February 4th 2020

Agriculture is one of Australia’s largest economic contributors, worth $60 billion; and yet, its sustainability is based solely on access to suitable water for the growth of crops and the survival of livestock. ..........more

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Five things I’ve Learnt About Local Government Disaster Response

by Sam Kennedy, November 25th 2019

As the climate continues to warm, the frequency of extreme weather events such as droughts, flooding and devastating fires such as those currently being experienced in New South Wales; has increased on a national scale. The impact of these weather events can be catastrophic, and it’s an unfortunate reality that we, as a national community, must continue to improve our preparedness for such incidents..........more

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Landmark Partnership Set To Generate Agricultural Innovation

by Pivotel, August 17th 2019

It may come as a surprise to many that, for close to three decades, the University of New England (UNE) has been an integral player within the Australian beef farming industry. In recent years, the institution has pioneered a new, technologically-driven wave of agricultural practices, carrying out a substantive range of industry research from their Tullimba-based SMART farm—a world-class feedlot research and training facility..........more

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Pivotel Celebrates A Double Acquisition, Further Expanding The Company Into The Americas And Europe

by Robert Sakker, July 19th 2019

International growth has become an important ambition for the Pivotel team in recent years, which is why I’m very pleased to announce Pivotel’s double acquisition of two US-based mobile satellite solution businesses, MVS USA Inc. and Explorer Satellite Communications Inc............more

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Raising Awareness For The 130 million Girls Around The World Who Deserve Access To Education - Pivotel Sails Aboard The Historic Maiden Vessel

by Sam Kennedy, June 28th 2019

Our New Zealand team recently had the opportunity to invite some of Pivotel’s customers aboard the iconic yacht Maiden; a boat with an inspiring history that now acts as a beacon for helping young girls around the world gain access to education..........more

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